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Denise McKeown

This solicitor lied to me and failed to seek an interim payment for my care needs during a personal injury case.

She took three years to issue proceedings and then failed to obtain or produce the correct paperwork at the right time.


Denise McKeown decided that it would be easier to prove I was ‘mad’ than to bother getting the information to support my neurological injuries.

When I complained she pulled some very low dirty tricks and put much pressure on me to either agree that I was ‘mad’ or to accept the poor offer the other side had made.

When I refused she lied to my insurers telling them my injuries were largely ‘imagined’.

She took herself off the case and left me high and dry two weeks before a crucial court hearing.

Complaints to the firm have failed to stop what is going on or get me alternative representation. The Ombudsman can only help after the event, they said!!!

After all this, the solicitors has a bill running to ‘twice’ the offer made to me.

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