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Kings Court Chambers

Albert House
Albert Street
Tariq Rehman (Barrister) & Waseem Saddique (Clerk)

Whether fuelled by desire, greed or need, Tariq Rehman, a barrister and head of Kings Court Chambers, Birmingham, is a man on a mission; a mission to make money, regardless of the misery he inflicts on his clients.

Despite a healthy income from overcharging and a failure to provide service to clients, Rehman does not like to pay his debts. Rehman has ignored County Court judgments for years.

Rehman even ignored a court judgment obtained by his own regulatory body, the Bar Standards Board (BSB) When the BSB asked for their money, Rehman lied to them; he then lied to the disciplinary tribunal who suspended him from practice for one month. Undeterred, Rehman then sought to challenge the legality of the tribunal but, at the Royal Courts of Justice last month, justice was finally served...

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Rehman is still challenging the legality of another disciplinary tribunal held on 1 February, 2010, at which he was found guilty of a failure in professional development. Despite ignoring many approaches from the BSB, the charge of failing to respond to letters from the BSB was dismissed.

But Rehman is in potentially bigger trouble with the BSB because of his links with Global Immigration Consultants Ltd (t/a UK Immigration Barristers) who are based in the same building in Albert Street, Birmingham as Kings Court Chambers.

Global Immigration Consultants was incorporated in 2011; it advertises heavily on the internet using the names ‘UK Immigration Barristers’ or ‘UK Immigration Solicitors’. This is illegal, as ‘barrister’ and ‘solicitor’ are protected terms and no barrister or solicitor works at the company. Its website is...

UK Immigration Barristers was investigated by the BBC last year and it found that the company was ripping off clients. The BBC also determined that UK Immigration Barristers was a ‘phoenix’ company born when another immigration company (UK Visa and Immigration) was kicked out of the OISC following numerous customer complaints, which meant it could no longer offer immigration services.

The BBC also determined that UK Immigration Barristers was offering immigration advice when not licensed to do so and that staff would often pretend to discuss clients’ cases with barristers when, in fact, they merely took a tea break...

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So, Rehman has allowed UK Immigration Barristers to process visa applications for Kings Court Chamber clients, usually without any involvement whatsoever with the Chambers. This is totally illegal as UK Immigration Barristers employs no legally qualified personnel and the company is not registered with the OISC.

Even worse for Rehman is the fact that individuals working for or controlling UK Immigration Barristers have been barred by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) from working with Solicitors! Of course, that ban does not prevent those individuals from working with barristers but Rehman should take heed of the fact that solicitors at three practices were struck off the Solicitors Roll for allowing these individuals to take control of their practices. The very same individuals have also been implicated in a multi-million pound VAT Carousel fraud in their failed mobile phone business.

The Bar Standards Board and Legal Services Commission are now investigating complaints against Kings Court Chambers and its involvement with UK Immigration Barristers. But, unlike the SRA, who can intervene (close down) a Solicitors practice, the BSB does not have similar powers.

Even if the BSB had powers to enter barristers chambers and remove client documents etc. this may be of no help to Kings Court Chambers clients as such documents may only remain with UK Immigration Barristers who are not regulated by anyone.

It took the BSB nearly eight years from the time Rehman failed to pay a debt owed to them and the decision of the Royal Courts of Justice last month. If Rehman can use every ruse in the book to string out a simple matter for so long, just imagine how many tens of thousands of aggrieved visa applicants being charged £900+ will be ripped off by this unscrupulous individual and his cohorts in crime, in the years to come. The BSB remain virtually impotent, allowing Rehman to virtually legalise advance-fee fraud.



One of Barrister Tariq Rehman's co-conspirators in an advance fee immigration agency scam at Kings Court Chambers is multi-million pound fraudster, Waseem Saddique. Also known as Wasim Saddique, KL Parker or just 'Sid', he is now on the run, after failing to attend a hearing at Birmingham Crown Court on 21 June, 2013, where a bench warrant was issued for his arrest…

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In July 2007, Saddique seemed to be a businessman on the rise, doubling the turnover of his mobile phone businesses year-on-year and receiving a prestigious award from Lloyds TSB for his entrepreneurship…

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Just weeks later, Saddique's mobile phone businesses collapsed…

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Saddique would later claim that his business failed because: “Essentially, the company I ran was unable to trade any more because the networks wanted me out!”...

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The truth is that Saddique was involved in VAT carousel fraud. When Dialamobile collapsed, Saddique then creamed off millions more at the expense of his customers who were tied into mobile phone contracts but lost their cashback deals due to the company’s collapse…

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Desperate to restore his revenue stream. Saddique embarked on a series of frauds from 2008 onwards. As each one collapsed following the intervention of government regulators, Saddique implemented pre-prepared backup plans to maintain his fraudulent income, all at the expense of customers and the tax authorities.

In late 2008, Saddique established a business relationship with solicitor and prospective MP, Nasir Ilyas. Ilyas was heading a solicitors firm, Wolstenholmes LLP. In the course of just 9 months in 2009, a small credit balance on client accounts was extinguished, leading to a deficit exceeding £19.8 million...

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When the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) finally gained entry to Wolstenholmes premises, Saddique had already transferred client files to two other solicitors’ practices (Norman Saville & Co and MacIntyre Clarke LLP) where he also had almost complete control…

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Note: Waseem Saddique is referred to as WS in the above tribunal reports.

For much of the time Saddique was in control of these three practices, he was an undischarged bankrupt…

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Within four months of the closure of Wolstenholmes by the SRA, Norman Saville & Co and MacIntyre Clarke LLP were also closed down. An expensive and lengthy SRA forensic investigation followed and it was four years before solicitors from all three practices were brought before Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunals. Several solicitors were struck off the roll.

Being an undischarged bankrupt, Waseem Saddique could not become a company director so, for his next scam, Waseem’s brother, Ajaz Saddique and another of the ‘boys’, Ashraful Sadat, fronted a new company, becoming co-directors of UK Visa Specialists Ltd, which traded as UK Visa and Immigration.

Waseem had already been perpetrating an advance fee visa agency scam in conjunction with a number of solicitors practices via “One Stop Visas” Waseem had also used another company, One Stop Car Solutions for an advance fee PPI scam.

But, for his new company, UK Visa Specialists Ltd, Saddique did not need to conspire with solicitors to generate income, as the company registered directly with with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). But troubles soon followed as the OISC expelled the company from OISC regulation in July 2012. Clients not only lost their monies but, in many cases, valuable documents such as passports and other crucial papers.

By this time, Saddique had already been banned from working with solicitors, along with two of his ‘boys’, Mario Cardinali and Mohammed Kazi…

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But Waseem had another plan; if he could not work with solicitors and could not get his company registered with the OISC, why not team up with a crooked barrister? Waseem found the very man he needed. Barrister Tariq Rehman.

Rehman is a barrister who was prepared to take on the Bar Standards Board. A barrister who was desperate for income after getting kicked out of his previous chambers. A barrister who has a court judgement against him from the taxman for £83,000+ A barrister who is subject to an IVA (to avoid bankruptcy).

Yes, Saddique and Rehman make the perfect partnership.

But how long can this relationship between Saddique and Rehman continue? The next hearing date for Saddique et al is 23 September, 2013. The press will be reporting on that hearing.

Saddique may be a marketing ‘whizz kid’ but his business model relies totally on internet marketing; in particular, Google Adwords, backed up by fake reviews on independent reviews sites such as eKomi, Feefo, Review Centre and TrustPilot.

One by one, following a little persuasion, these independent review sites are withdrawing the fake reviews. There is now sufficient evidence to approach Google Adwords, suggesting that they may like to withdraw adverts for UK Immigration Barristers. If that were to happen, the company would soon fold. Kings Court Chambers would, almost certainly, cease to exist as a viable entity and Saddique would move on to some other scam.

Meanwhile, Saddique remains at large, being hunted by West Midlands Police; he continues to tweet and maintain his blog and, presumably, guiding all his stooges into doing his dirty work for him…

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Immigration Service Mis-Sell
by arnie
on 20 September, 2013
I'm a victim of scam from another barrister within this same chamber and don't want to jeopardise my case. I reckon they all are bunch of a kind. It's a shame though after a massive campaign by the BBC, ripoff website and others linking this firm, immigration barristers & global immigration consultants the OISC still allowed them to operate for vulnerable people like myself & others to fall victim is unacceptable by any standard.
Tariq Rehman - A Man with Two Birthdates
by Ian
on 28 September, 2013
Amidst all his financial problems, Tariq Rehman has created a new identity for himself, not by changing his name, but by simply changing his date of birth!

The real birth date of Tariq Rehman appears to be 04/12/1969. That is the date he has provided to at least one chambers where he previously worked. Eight companies of which Rehman was a director also show his date of birth as 04/12/1969.

When Rehman was subject to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) in February 2012, to avoid bankruptcy proceedings, his declared date of birth was 04/12/1969...

Similarly, when Rehman was convicted and fined £450 at Bradford and Keighley Magistrate Court earlier this year (2013) for speeding, his age was given as 43 years...

Rehman’s most recent directorship was with a company called Barristers Legal Services Ltd (t/a Kings Court Chambers) of which he was the sole director from its incorporation on 08/11/2011 until it was struck off Companies House register on 18/06/2013 for failing to submit any accounts.

When Rehman created Barristers Legal Services, Companies House was provided with a date of birth for Rehman of 07/11/1965. Why would this be? Here are a few possibilities...

1. Rehman could have entered his date of birth wrongly by mistake when creating the company. This hardly seems likely as the day, month and year are all incorrect.

2. Maybe Companies House transcribed Rehman’s date of birth incorrectly? Again, very unlikely as the company was created online, with no signed documents being submitted, so no documents to transcribe.

3. Rehman could have deliberately submitted a false date of birth to hide his income from the insolvency practitioner handling his IVA. This would be highly dangerous for Rehman, so probably unlikely.

4. I would suggest the most likely reason that Rehman’s date of birth is entered incorrectly is because he has allowed individuals to take control of Kings Court Chambers. The very same individuals that have been barred from working with solicitors because of the control they exerted of those practices.

The online application to create Barristers Legal Services Ltd was made on 07/11/2011. I think it no coincidence that the day and date entered for Rehman’s date of birth is also 07/11. They then seemed to take a guess at the year he was born, deciding on 1965, which makes him 4+ years older than his real age.

Is it any wonder that clients of Kings Court Chambers have complained bitterly that documents they send to Kings Court Chambers are transcribed with wrong names, wrong dates etc?

If Rehman ever reads this, perhaps he can supply a convincing explanation as to why he has two dates of birth?
by Ibrahim Said
on 8 January, 2014
Please be careful about this firm (King's Court Chambers). They take your money and they disappear. I been after them for more than 5 months to get my refund, but until today I had no luck. Please be careful and avoid this firm.
by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
on 22 January, 2014
Trust me when I say these are really solicitirs from hell. They will take your money and disappear. They will tell you initially, that your case is guaranteed and that we usually will not take cases which we believe it might not go through the immigration process. This is part of the scam. once they get your money, you will not see it again
I am not sure how they allow these people to operate
be careful and avoid this firm
..and there's more.
by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
on 18 February, 2014
Yes one more victim of Kings Court Chambers.

I wanted a settlement Visa for my wife. She did serve a little time in HMP in 2008 and as any immigration lawyer should know or could find out as easily as I did its an automatic refusal for at least 7 years on a term of less than 12 months. So the earliest one can apply is 2015 with any hope of success. They said we could do it now, in 2012 with some hope of sucess because they had had success with similar cases before.

They said it was no problem and they could handle it and we should go ahead. Cost a bit more though..£1500....oh well another one fleeced.
by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
on 24 February, 2014




avoid this form
by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
on 27 February, 2014
Initially they are all nice until they get your money and then the evil face is shown. They stole from me 3000 pounds and I got nothing. Be careful and avoid this firm. I am in the process of taking them to court to get my refund. i am also planning to write an official complaint to the immigration services commissioner
i will not rest until i expose this fake, scan people (Kings Courts Chambers)
another Rip Off
by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
on 27 February, 2014
I just got off the phone with Kings Courts Chambers. I applied for a settlement visa for my wife 2 months ago. My wife lives in the Phiplipine, they told me that my case is guaranteed. I paid them 2500 pounds and did not hear from them since. Does anyone knows whom we can complain to about these thugs.
by Steve Sweets
on 27 February, 2014
you can write to:
1. The immigration service commissioners
2. The Bar Standards Board
3. Ripoff Report

You can search for those under google

Good Luck
by charles hodge
on 8 May, 2014
can the law get involved and stop these people from taking the public money under false pretence. claiming they can represent in legal matters I wont stop till I get my money back.